Change Management

Have your employees co-create and shape
 your company’s change.

Employees who accept and appreciate change, become promoters. They seek out opportunities to shape and form the future state. With Waseem's inspiration and support, people find out how to positively take part in your company's change management programme in a creative way.

As Mahatma Gandhi Said

"Be the change you want to see in the world" said Gandhi.

This has become Waseem's guiding idea whenever he helps organizations and individuals alike to cope with change.

Change With Waseem Hussain

Waseem has workshop and counseling services at offer to positively support your company's change objectives.

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Harvard Business Review

Interested in getting latest insights on change management? Harvard Business Review publishes really interesting articles and blogs.

As a corporate trainer, he has engaged with more than 12,000 executives, managers, engineers, scientific researchers and administrative staff across Europe, in the USA and in India.

His keynote speeches are booked for international business conferences, senior management meetings and business events. Waseem delivers his keynotes around the world.

Waseem is the author of numerous publications in English and German.

He speaks English, German, Urdu and Hindi.

Among his further activities, he is a faculty at the International Executive MBA course at Zurich University of Applied Sciences and visiting faculty at the Supply Chain Management Executive MBA at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH.
He is member of the Global Learning Resource Network at Duke Corporate Education as well as of the Educator Network at Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Waseem is a Swiss citizen of Indian origin. He was born in 1966, raised in Switzerland and completed onward studies in international management, management consulting, project management, and intercultural communication.


Waseem Hussain is recipient of the ZfU Teaching Award in gold, accredited Top 100 Speaker, and accredited Top 100 Entrepreneur.

Phone: +41 79 238 24 02
Address: Waseem Hussain, Buchholzstrasse 35, CH-8053 Zurich, Switzerland